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First Step:

Set the tempo

Second Step:

Write music notes and rests. Each music note contains three parts:

An integer number from 1 to 11 (octave), common octaves are 5, 6, 7

A letter (note name) must be: a, b, c, d, e, f, or g

Another real number (duration) .25, .5, 1, 2, 3, 4)

Example: 5a2 6f.5

Put one space or more between notes. Music rests (quiet time) are just real numbers like duration.
If you don't know what are octave, duration, ... Don't worry. You can read 3jcn theory later.

Take a look at the following examples to have some ideas of how to write music.


"Happy Birthday" Song contains notes only

6c.5 6c.5 6d1 6c1 6f1 6e2 6c.5 6c.5 6d1 6c1 6g1 6f2 6c.5 6c.5 7c1 6a1 6f1 6e1 6d2 -6b.5 -6b.5 6a1 6f1 6g1 6f4

By default, we don't need to write number 6 for middle octave notes. So, we can write "Happy Birthday" like this:

c.5   c.5   d1   c1   f1   e2   c.5   c.5   d1   c1   g1   f2   c.5   c.5   7c1   a1  f1   e1  d2  -b.5  -b.5   a1   f1   g1   f4 

"Only You and You Alone" Song contains notes only

+c1.5 d.5 b5 d1 g1 b1 a1.5 +f.5 +d4 b1.5 a.5 g5 5b1 e1 g1 f1.5 d.5 5b4

"Yesterday" Song contains notes and rests (two numbers 1 stand alone)

g.5   f.5   f3   1   a.5   b.5   +7c.5   7d.5  7e.5  7f.5  7e.5  7d.5  7d3   1   7d.5  7d.5  7c.5  -b.5   a.5   g.5  -b1   a.5   a1.5

"Serenade" Song contains notes only

a1/3 -b1/3 a1/3 7d2.5 a.5 g1/3 a1/3 g1/3 7d2.5 g.5 a2.5 g.5 g1/3 f1/3 e1/3 f4 a1/3 -b1/3 a1/3 7f2.5 a.5 g1/3 a1/3 g1/3 7e2.5 7d.5 7c2.5 -b.5 -b1/3 a1/3 g1/3 a4

"The Last of Mohicans"

7d3 +7c.5 b.5 +f3 b.5 7d.5 +7c.5 7e7.5 7d.5 +7f2.5 7e.5 7d.5 +7c.5 7e3 +7c.5 +7c.5 b6.5

Copy and paste one of above musical line samples into the big text box and click "Play Your Melody" button to hear it.

Now, let do it! Enter your song title, music notes and rests into the big textbox below and click "Play Your Melody" button:

Enter song title:

Replay music button

Third Step:

Click buttons

If you hear nothing, click "Refresh Melody" button and rewrite music again.

Fourth Step:

Download your audio file
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: click "Replay music buton", then click on three vertical dots.
Firefox: right click on "Replay music button"


Usually, people have to spend months or years to learn Western music theory in order to become songwriters. Because there are a lot of stuffs in Western music theory such as staff (stave), time signature, key signature, measure, vertical bar lines, bass clef, treble clef, tie, slur, dot, tuplets, etc.
With 3JCN, it takes you just few minutes to write music, then you can download and import your audio file into music softwares (DAW) such as Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Garageband, Cakewalk Sonar, FL Studio, Apple Logic Pro, Sony Acid, etc. for editing, recording, mixing and mastering your song.