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Echoes of Enslavement: Melody of a Mind's Resistance

Sometimes a simple song is worth more than a thousand words.

April 2010

Why? lab rat

Thomas, also known as Tuan, is an Asian American who dedicated himself to constructing a solid life framework. He attained a BS degree in physics from Vietnam and further pursued education at San Diego State University, earning MS degrees in both physics and computer science.


He additionally innovated by introducing a novel music notation called "3JCN Music Notation." (The acronym "3JCN" bore a heartfelt significance, representing the initials of his four beloved children.)

He also created the 3JCN Physics Simulation page, which ranks first on Google for the search term "3-dimensional physics simulation."

Thomas' cherished American Dream revolved around securing a stable position with esteemed corporations such as SPAWAR, LOCKHEED MARTIN, and RAYTHEON. His intention? To lend his modest talents in support of the nation. Alas, fate had other designs as the enigmatic Big Brother tapped him to be a guinea pig for their most formidable creation: MIND CONTROL. The audacious experiment unfolded within the confines of San Diego's Sharp Memorial Hospital, casting its shadow in 2006. In his quest for aid, Thomas extended his hand to government officials, organizations, and the media. Regrettably, the response he encountered was not one of salvation, but rather a stern reprimand from the very entity he sought refuge from – Big Brother's iron fist delivered reprisals instead of assistance.
The follows are some examples of BB's physical tortures on him during his dialysis:

torture torture

Without exception, everyone harbors fear towards Big Brother. Upon seeking assistance from Grossmont College, Thomas was compelled into an involuntary sabbatical from his math teaching role by the Risk Management Department, concurrently barred from campus access, and experienced a website suspension, all highlighting an elevated level of control.

These actions may be perceived as rather irrational, considering that a comprehensive evaluation had already taken place prior to these occurrences. On December 14, 2006, a thorough assessment had been conducted by individuals holding significant roles within the academic hierarchy. Jerry Buckley, Dean of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Exercise Science, and Wellness division, along with Peg Hovde, Chair of the Mathematics department, were directly involved in this evaluation process. Moreover, Thomas' students from his Intermediate Calculus class, renowned as one of the most challenging math courses within the community college context, also contributed to this assessment. This sequence of events underscores the perplexing nature of the subsequent actions taken by the Grossmont College Risk Management department.

Math Math Math Math Math

Thomas just called (Jerry Buckley) to say "I quit my job". (Friday, January 19, 2007)

help! help!

Without exception, everyone harbors fear towards Big Brother. A notable instance of this fear can be observed in the case of Thomas and his experience with San Diego Sharp Memorial Hospital. In 2005, Thomas was positioned at the pinnacle of the UNOS kidney waitlist, holding status 1. However, the hospital drastically altered his status to 7, rendering him inactive, and eventually removed him from the UNOS waiting list on February 21, 2008. Consequently, Thomas was compelled to undergo hemodialysis continuously for a staggering 14-year period spanning from 2002 to 2015. This prolonged ordeal had a devastating impact on his life, severely limiting his prospects, including the ability to secure a full-time job. A communication from Dr. Steven R. Potter to Dr. Mark Boiskin, a Nephrologist, serves as evidence highlighting the unethical medical practices carried out by Sharp Memorial Hospital. The implications of this situation are disheartening, and it underscores the alarming extent of authority wielded by entities akin to Big Brother.
Note: Prior to his consultation with Dr. Potter, Thomas had previously encountered Psychiatrist Christopher Morache. Dr. Morache had verified Thomas's suitability for a kidney transplant. However, Sharp Memorial Hospital misled Thomas by claiming they hadn't received any communication from Dr. Morache. As a result, they insisted that Thomas undergo further assessments with different psychiatrists..

Without exception, everyone harbors fear towards Big Brother. UCSD Medical Center Transplant Programs dismissed Thomas due to alleged "untreated psychiatric illness," a recurring tactic employed by Big Brother. Both Sharp and UCSD attempted to coerce Thomas into psychiatric treatment, yet he steadfastly resisted their manipulation, choosing the torment of dialysis over being labeled mentally ill.

With deep emotion, Thomas extends his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. George Z. Fadda, his unwavering nephrologist since 1997. Throughout the journey, Dr. Fadda's relentless commitment to securing a kidney transplant for Thomas (Scripps Green Hospital, 2015), transcending countless challenges, stands as a testament to his compassion and dedication.

Thomas opted to reside in his van and stage a protest against the CIA in downtown San Diego (2010).

A number of San Diego residents utilized email as a method to express their concerns regarding the safety of him and his family, along with providing him advice.

Why hasn't BB terminated Thomas? Maybe BB still values him as a unique study subject. Yet, BB's modus operandi remains consistent with its victims – dispatching its minions to intimidate, mistreat, and torment.

Thomas had everything to gain. BB was wrecking his life and deceiving the residents of San Diego. He needed to share the authentic narrative with the people of San Diego.

(Thomas protested at 40th Annual Meeting of Neuroscience-SD Convention Center)
Take note of the subsequent Date-Time sequence; it becomes evident that the arrest had been premeditated.

Nov 12 & 13, 2009: Thomas asked Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein for help
Nov 9, 2010: Thomas received NSA's letter
Dec 1, 2010: Mr. SAM threatened Thomas to lock him up
Dec 30, 2010: Thomas'd been arrested by San Diego police at Big Bay Balloon Parade


During the San Diego Big Bay Balloon Parade on Thursday, December 30, 2010, Thomas participated in a protest. San Diego Police Officers David Valdez (#6562) and Eduardo Lopez (#6654), under the direction of Sgt. Jesus Cesena, forcefully arrested Thomas. Subsequently, they fabricated evidence labeling Thomas as "mentally ill," even though he was the leader of the Autumn Drift Band at the time.

Band's Leader

The ACLU offered their perspective on the police's unlawful conduct. The excerpt from the cover story "Tuan's Paradoxes" in the San Diego City Beat magazine (released on Wednesday, April 27, 2011) shed further light on the matter:.


San Diego Police instructed Scripps Mercy Behavioral Health Center to confine Thomas in a "mental jail" for a duration of three days. In an effort to veil its clandestine operations, BB initiated the propagation of false information among San Diegans, dubbing him a "mentally ill man." After a mere two days spent among roughly 20 individuals struggling with mental health, Psychiatrist Yashwant Chaudhri granted Thomas his freedom.


"A lie can hide the truth, but it can't change the truth" - Sonya Parker

Evidence Evidence

Mr. Carl Yee stands as a courageous and honorable gentleman.


Thomas filed a lawsuit against San Diego Police Department and its police officers.


In the whimsical tale of Tuesday, August 7, 2012, Thomas, the touchscreen wizard of the California Primary Election realm, received a magical call from San Diego's Deputy City Attorney, Brian D. Murphy. Behold! Murphy dangled a shiny $500 treasure before Thomas, proposing a vanishing act for a pesky lawsuit. But fear not, for Thomas was no mere trickster! With a chuckle and a wave, he turned down the fantastical offer, leaving us all in awe of his resolute spirit.


In the trial court, San Diego City deployed a legal team led by attorney Timothy C. Stutler, along with three false witnesses (John Spriet, John Turner, and Shane Fortin from COX COMMUNICATIONS), shielding SDPD; remarkably, neither trial jury nor grand jury was present. On Thomas' side stood only him, while his assigned pro bono lawyer, Robert H. Rexrode, had affiliations with the US District Court, failing to call crucial witnesses Carl Yee and Dr. Yashwant Chaudhri. Williams Q. Hayes issued a verdict in favor of Defendants Lopez and Valdez against Plaintiff Thomas Nguyen, a ruling that, upon revisiting, induces visceral disgust due to the deceptive practices within law enforcement and the justice system. This outcome was further entrenched by the Ninth Circuit Court and the US Supreme Court, both denying Thomas' appeals and writ of certiorari requests.

"The worst form of injustice is pretended justice" - Plato



UPDATE (2023):

Thomas exists in a day-to-day struggle, his life ensnared by the grip of Big Brother. Aware of foreign entities within, their nature eludes him, while BB's relentless surveillance, torment, and degradation inflict emotional havoc. As his physical well-being deteriorates precipitously, he remains a captive of this insidious control.

From his personal encounters, Thomas has genuinely comprehended the essence of the expression "No place to hide," having been vulnerable and exposed in the scrutiny of BB's gaze.

Example of human mind reading control: (click on image to read)

Mind Control Victim

Thomas followed the suggestion of California AG Office and filed a crime report to San Diego Police Department:

Thomas got a quick reponse from San Diego Police Department.

"Honesty is such a lonely word." -

Thomas is unaware of the timeframe during which Big Brother granted him a respite. He's leading a modest existence as a means to save up for his own funeral expenses. He has already taken steps to ensure his eventual repose beside his parents in Hue City, Vietnam.

The place where my body rest

"You are beautiful no matter what they say." - Christina Aguilera